Utilizing Nano Fuel Technology



Naf-Tech uniqueness

The unique characteristic of Naf-Tech is to ensure proper vaporization by breaking the surface tension of fuel improving the combustion process. Naf-Tech’s improved vaporization markedly reduces unburned fuel fragments from the initial combustion stage.

The intrinsic mechanism of Naf-Tech will actively prevent accumulation of unburned fuel fragments into larger droplets during second stage combustion.

The improved combustion process, affected by Naf-Tech, increases the Thermal Efficiency of the combustion process.

Thus a larger portion of the potential energy of the injected fuel is used to drive the engine rather than it being converted into heat resulting in:

- Improved power output.
- Cooler combustion temperatures.
- Improved fuel usage.
- Significantly reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
- Reduced fuel dilution of engine oil due to unburned fuel slipping past   the piston rings.
- Reduced formation of sludge in engine oil due to a reduction in   soot.


Naf-Tech is applied directly to petroleum based Diesel or Petrol. Naf-Tech is hydrocarbon based and will mix readily into the base fuel by binding into the hydrocarbon chains forming the fuel molecules.

Dosage Ratio

2-3ml Naf-Tech applied per litre of fuel. (Dependent on customer application.)



Naf-Tech’s focus is by preference on large scale operations with on-site fuel storage. Our product has achieved excellent results for:

Constant load applications
- Diesel Power generation
- Diesel water pumps

Diesel burner applications
- Spray booth ovens
- Baking ovens
- Furnaces

Varying load applications for
- Mining
- Construction
- Road transport
- Rail transport
- Fisheries
- Agriculture