Utilizing Nano Fuel Technology

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Naf-Tech is a new generation designer product using Nano Technology to interact on a molecular level with your fuel. Targeted activation ensures that Naf-Tech performs where and when it is needed for optimal results.

Our Products

Naf-Tech combustion enhancer is a South-African product. Naf-Tech is a proprietary mixture of hydrocarbons that reduces the surface tension of the fuel when activated. Targeted activation ensures that Naf-Tech will not alter the distinct characteristics of the base fuel before the physical injection of the fuel takes place.

Naf-Tech improves fuel vaporisation during injection thereby increasing the burn velocity of the fuel transforming more of the fuel’s potential energy into mechanical energy. Naf-Tech is widely used in various applications such as transport, mining, earthmoving, diesel generators and shipping.

Naf-Tech is used by a number of companies, some of which are listed on the JSE. The majority of these companies have been using Naf-Tech for several years and have also concluded successful R&D programs using Naf-Tech. Naf-Tech has product liability cover underwritten by Lloyds of London and is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA).


Typical Savings

Approximate savings that can be expected from Naf-Tech:

  • Transport:
  • Power Generation:
  • Fisheries:
  • Mining and Construction:
  • Locomotives and Railroad:
  • 8-12%
  • 11-28%
  • 12-14%
  • 11-15%
  • 12-15%

Reducing Fuel Consumption


Naf-Tech samples were tested by the SABS and it complied with the technical performance requirements of specifications SANS 342 and SANS 1598.

Furthermore, Naf-Tech samples are tested regularly by accredited laboratories and comply with the technical performance requirements of specifications SANS 342 (Diesel) and SANS 1598 (Petrol).

Experience the Benefits

Reducing Fuel Consumption

Naf-Tech can and must be used for all kinds of petrol and diesel engines for:

  • Improved thermal efficiency of engines.
  • Improved power output.
  • Cooler combustion temperatures.
  • Improved fuel usage.
  • Significantly reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Reduced fuel dilution of engine oil due to unburned fuel slipping past the piston rings.
  • Reduced formation of sludge in engine oil due to a reduction in soot.
  • Reduced engine wear.

Naf-Tech will:

  • Ensure that injected fuel vaporizes maximally.
  • Prevent larger fuel droplets from reforming in the combustion chamber.
  • Eliminate the negative effects of Oxygenates in Petrol and Biodiesel in Diesel.
  • Emulsify water particles in suspension and help to combust it with the fuel.

Safety first

Please read the Material Safety and Data Sheet information.